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The most important step is making the choice to start, right? Any time you sit down with your family and discuss the pros and cons of making improvements on your home, you’ll never be totally sure how it will go. A lot of questions will pop up along the way.

And you know what? That’s just fine!

We work with lots of customers who want to roll up their sleeves and get to work, and with the summer DIY deck building season in full swing, we thought it would be a good idea to share some of the questions people ask.

And some of the questions we wish people would ask.

1. How Much Do You Want to Spend?

It’s surprising how often this all-important step gets overlooked. Everyone knows they want to spend as little as possible, but like we’ve talked about before, cheaping out when you’re building your deck might lead to huge expenses later.

Decide with your family how much you want to spend on your deck, and then budget accordingly. From materials to supports, it’s crucial you include the framework that will make your deck last.

In fact, the budget you set at the outset can actually be quite liberating. Visiting the hardware store without a clear picture of how much you’re going to spend in the end is a dangerous game. A clearly defined budget will keep you on track and keep stress levels down.

2. Is Your Deck an Investment or a Lifestyle Choice?

Lots of people in rural Alberta build decks their families can enjoy for years to come, and plenty of folks build decks to boost the value of their home for an upcoming sale.

There’s clearly no wrong answer here, but your future plans ought to dictate the style, look, and feel of the deck you build.

For instance, how creative are you going to get? A unique outdoor space might look great to you, but first impressions mean a lot to potential buyers. If you’re planning on staying forever though, then have at it! Build a deck that suits you and your family. Otherwise, it’s better to pay attention to current trends and materials.

A stylish, unique deck can say a lot about your family and how you use your outdoor space, just keep in mind that everyone is different and has different tastes.

3. What’s the Best Location?

In a few weeks we’re going to start talking about building houses. When you’re building a house, the location is pretty important, and the same goes for decks. Keep in mind that you’ve got options when it comes to your deck’s position in relation to your house, fences, trees and other plants, and natural and man-made landscaping.

You also need to consider the weather. No matter how much you spend on planks or decking, the elements on the prairies are immediately going to go to town trying to undermine all your hard work. Shelter from the sun, snow, wind, and rain is important – but that doesn’t mean you’ll want to avoid them all together. Especially the sun!

Building a deck is an immensely rewarding experience. Whether you build just the initial supports or do the entire thing start-to-finish, we’re confident you’ll have an outdoor space you can be proud of for years.

And if you need some help? Give us a shout!

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