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Home design & construction projects can be large, complex, and challenging. There are many moving parts: plans and schedules to be made; materials to source; teams to synchronize and more. 

Considering the above, entering into a relationship with a custom home builder can be stressful for the home owner. There is a level of unknown details that go into the whole process, and the unknown can be a breeding ground for anxiety and mistrust. 

We want to halt those feelings before they take root; that’s why we launched our new site with the Knowledge Centre. The goal of the Knowledge Centre is to pull back the curtain on the process of custom home design & construction – to put an emphasis on transparency. It’s our belief – and experience – that the more knowledge shared between our team and our clients, the better the process is for everyone. 

After all, you’re inviting us into your home – literally. 

That’s what you can expect from the Knowledge Centre. Honest, transparent, helpful articles about everything from process, design, sourcing, and more. The more we know about one another, the better job we can do in designing & building you the home of your dreams.home-construction-detail

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