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Designing Your Deck this Summer? Here’s 3 Keys to Remember First

June 6, 2017 | Scott | Decks | Residential

Summer is here! Man is that ever nice to say. Sure, throughout the year we get a lot of sun up here in the middle of the prairies (which can wreak havoc on our decks – more on that in a minute), but until we get that first stretch of truly warm weather at the […]

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A Better Understanding of Home Design & Construction

December 18, 2014 | Scott | Custom Home Building

Home design & construction projects can be large, complex, and challenging. There are many moving parts: plans and schedules to be made; materials to source; teams to synchronize and more.  Considering the above, entering into a relationship with a custom home builder can be stressful for the home owner. There is a level of unknown […]

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