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What do you need from your home? How can we make your office functional? What will improve the feel, function, and form of your space? It all starts with a conversation. This is where we’ll discuss the location of your new home, or the solutions for your existing one. We believe in the functionality of every space, whether you’re living, working, or playing. That’s why views, sunlight, wind, accessibility, and geographical features all factor into the overall design. Sometimes it’s the smallest details that make the biggest difference.

What are you looking for from your new home? Location is a crucial piece of the puzzle - we can help you find a lot or start working on designs if you already have one. Views, sunlight, wind, accessibility, geographical features - these elements all factor into the overall design of your home. This is the step in which we match budget with vision, functionality, and practicality.

Now it's time to take your concept and translate it from rough drawings and sketches to finished blueprints you can sign off on. It's important for us to have our clients involved in the process as much as they'd like. From the small details to the big decisions, your involvement is up to you. Our team can also walk you through decisions regarding materials or you can shop around yourself. This phase involves coordination of everything from flooring, paint colours, tile work, cabinets, countertops, plumbing fixtures, and more. And don't worry, your budget is always at the top of the priority list.

Whether your project is a new build or a renovation we’ll keep the project rolling on time and on budget. Throughout this phase we’ll continue to review estimates and quotes to make sure all the work is being done within your budget. We’re on site often to ensure everything is being done efficiently and the best it can be. We’re always there as a representative for you and your family to make sure your vision is executed as best as it can be. Open communication and involvement is the best way to fine-tune your project on the go.

Our relationship doesn't have to end just because your home is complete! We’re in it for the long haul. We pride ourselves on building lasting relationships with clients so you know we’re here when you need us. We’ll check-in with you after you’ve had time to enjoy your new space at which time we can address questions, concerns, or even further ideas for development.

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