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Originally an old farmhouse, this home’s structure was built in 1950. Since then it’s had 6 owners, each who put their own unique touch to the home. It’s hard to find that old farmhouse hiding in what is now a 4,000 sq foot home for a busy family of 6. Designed around the needs of 4 busy young children, this home is tailor-made. What started with a new front deck grew to a complete exterior redesign and renovation. The family was looking to harmonize the additions that have been added through the homes’s history.  The landscaping surrounds the house to provide a cozy feel that helps to balance the contemporary design is used as a final touch to accent the home, rather than to be the focal point of the property.


Energy Efficient / Custom Design / Crafted / Renovation

The owners of this house had an open mind and came to North Elm looking to put their own personal touch on what was a patchwork home. Together North Elm and the clients decided on a contemporary style for the home. The custom corrugated steel roofing is a highlight of this home’s renovation. We wanted to bring an element of shine to the house. The client wanted to use galvanized steel for the roofing–which is typically used in agriculture buildings. After some experimenting, it was applied to the whole side of the roof. Not only is the roofing a unique option, it is also very durable and long lasting. The crafted quality of the cedar and fir posts offset the contemporary elements of the home. They were milled down, distressed and antiqued. These posts provide character and highlight the history of the home providing while depth and texture. Small touches like motion sensor lights were added for safety and ease for a busy family with young kids. Every element was chosen to make the family’s life easier and designed around their needs.

This unique home sits on an amazing 4 acre lot. In order to make the yard usable, the grade had to be redone on the back yard. 200 loads (2,000 m3 of dirt) of dirt were hauled in to build up the back lot and make it level. The back yard is completed with a fire pit for the family to enjoy summer nights. North Elm’s unique ability to look at what was existing and find a way to make it work better and be more useable without having to make it bigger made this project a huge success.


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Loads of dirt were hauled in to level the yard


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