A space that delights the senses.

We are very proud to have partnered in the construction of the first retail boutique for both Pura Botanicals and So Pretty Cara Cotter. This storefront and interior is designed and crafted with simple luxury in mind, showcasing both owner’s products from every angle, and representing how well both companies work with each other. Pura Botanicals and So Pretty Cara Cotter is located in the revitalized 124th Street area in Edmonton, and offers natural skincare and beauty products, as well as women’s jewelry and accessories.

It all started with a cup of coffee. Upon sitting down with the Pura Botanicals/So Pretty Cara Cotter team to get to know each other, we were able learn more about them, their business and their customers. It was important for us to hear about the business goals and vision for the space before getting into the nitty gritty construction details. This client knew the overall experience they wanted to provide their customers, and we were able to gather the right trades and supplies to bring their ideas to life. The 600 sq ft retail renovation took a total of 8 weeks. We created a space that feels unified, while still showcasing the variety of unique brands and products individually for a pleasant shopping experience.